Thursday, April 05, 2007

story-redux: i/o hazard chapters 1 and 2

In the transition from old Blogger to new Blogger, something wacky happened to my RSS feed. Rather than serve up the most recent posts, it is serving up posts from eleven months ago.

A friendly ack/nak reader discovered an earlier post titled "story: of cores and hazards and tech-support monks" and asked the question:

Great post - but where from...?

My overweening ego compels me to respond - it's a piece of mine, written during one of my previously frequent jaunts between ORD and SFO.

Two chapters of a larger work I'm doing under the working title i/o hazard have been posted to ack/nak. They are:

of cores and hazards and tech-support monks

in the documentation scriptorum

In the interest of not boring my readers, I opted against posting any other chapters from this work - if you are keen to read them, or if you'd like to participate in what will likely be a fairly rigorous editing process, let me know.

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