Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hooray: the drinky crow show

Many years ago I snuck into a Manhattan bar just north of Union Square looking for a man with a bag.

I found him drinking a beer and staring up at a hazy TV screen. I sat down next to him.


He gave me the classic New York "who the f___ are you" look.

"I'm Bob."

The "who the f___ are you" look was replaced by the "where the f___ have you been" look.

"Have you got the money?"

I slid an envelope across the bar to him. He opened it and thumbed through its contents.

Without a word he opened up the bag by his side and pulled out a thin envelope. Inside was an incredibly ornate drawing of a ship at sea, its mast on fire, its prow under attack by a giant squid. Seated at a grand piano on the deck of the boat was Uncle Gabby. Drinky Crow was dueling with the squid while trying to balance a bottle.

"That's a real piano there," he said, stabbing a finger at the drawing. "I modeled it after an antique grand piano. Let me tell you about it. . ."

Our conversation - and my view into the mind of Tony Millionaire - was brief, but very memorable. Since then I've been "a big fan", and I'm delighted to learn that he'll have an animated show on Cartoon Network soon.

Read the press release here.

Enjoy the opening sequence below, or here.

Care of Mr. Millionaire himself, you can enjoy another clip below, or here.


Camie Vog said...

I am totally jammimg off your new layout! Which I had the time and patience to do the same to my lowly blog... Are you available for hire?

Anonymous said...

Good blogging!

Here's another clip: