Wednesday, April 25, 2007

contest: who's the next imus? is reporting that MSNBC is trying out "new personalities" to take the place of Don "Happy-Headed No" Imus. First up for a three-day live trial is Philly's own Michael Smerconish, WPHT drive-time host and "frequent pundit on Fox News".

Without the benefit of the job description (I didn't find the job on Monster or Dice) I can't tell what MSNBC and their Advertising Masters are looking for in The New Imus.

So I'm asking you - who would you put on MSNBC's air to replace The Old Imus?


Camie Vog said...


Ron said...

Yeah, what Camie said, you silver-haired devil!

Unknown said...

If you turn the gig down, I'd like to hear Adam Curry - the king of the podcast. We need something that's fresh and new.
Adam's own podcast is an aggregation of a bunch of other podcasts. It's cool to listen to.