Sunday, March 04, 2007

whew redux: coming home (with bonus back pain)

I've got a lot of news (and pictures) to share with you this coming week about the Week That Was. For now, we're settling down with some tea to relax after a full day of schlepping, flying and temperature extremes. It is, after all, our 12th wedding anniversary.

But in advance, I need to caution all of you against the temptation to "man up and dig out" when Mother Nature throws you a driveway-full of freezing rain and snow. Take your time to do it right - bend from the knees, avoid the urge to try and move a mountain with a single shovelful when three smaller ones will do.


Because a week after "digging out" my lower back still hurts! Arrrgh!

Thank heavens I can now enjoy an Emmi program for Lower Back Pain. If any of you are experiencing lower back pain and are curious to learn more about it, drop me a private note with your email address and I'll sign you up for the EmmiPrep "Back Pain" program. It's a winner, even when your back is a loser.

1 comment:

Camie Vog said...

Happy 12th to you and your lovely wife!

Sorry to hear about the back pain. If I was closer, I would offer to do some bodywork on you.

Things are going great. The new baby is such a princess!