Saturday, March 24, 2007

ha: obligatory priest & rabbi joke

A Catholic priest and a rabbi were seated together by chance on a small commuter plane. Well, the weather got bad, and the small plane started to bob up and down like a roller coaster. Seeing the look of fear on the rabbi's face, the priest saw it as a perfect opportunity to try to convert him to what he saw as the only true religion--the Catholic one.

The rabbi would have none of it. The storm worsened, and, as the plane went into a nose-dive, the priest again tried to get the rabbi to convert.

Nothing doing.

Well, the plane crashes, and everyone is killed--except for the rabbi and the Catholic priest. The priest looks over, and, to his surprise, sees the rabbi making the sign of the cross. Elated, the priest walks over to him and says,

"You saw the light! You converted!"

The rabbi, again appearing to cross himself, says,

"Conversion, smersion, I was just checking to see if everything was still there:"

"Spectacles, testicles, wallet, cigar."

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