Friday, December 08, 2006

endings: one job winds down. . .

My 2+ year run at my current employer wound down today, leaving me in a contemplative mood. I've got all of the weekend to linger over the past before I jump right in and get started with my new gig, so here are the things I'm thankful for:

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have been the PM for one of the best-known software brands on the planet - InstallShield. It was a rock-star job. If you have a chance to get your hands on a big brand, do it - there's a very "special" sensation you get when your decisions have an impact on tens of thousands of users and millions of consumers that's hard to describe. So I won't.

I'm thankful for the privilege of working with a team of A-grade professionals, especially in sales and development.

I'm thankful for having been given the chance to get out in front and serve as a spokesman with the press, analysts and customers.

And I'm thankful for the various and sundry "pressures" I experienced under my five managers - I'm still alive, so I must be stronger.

So that's the ending. Stay tuned for the beginning. And to all of my colleagues discovering this blog for the first time - so long and thanks for all the fish.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bob -

Just wanted to drop you a line and wish you the best of luck! I can't wait to see / read about what you're going to be up to next!

Get some rest this weekend -- I'm sure next week will be whirlwind if you are already jumping in and starting somewhere new....