Sunday, November 05, 2006

travel: bc on the road part 1

I'll be blogging "from the road" in the grand tradition of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope over the next two weeks as I criss-cross Europe with the "Unlock Hidden Revenue" seminar series.

For a product management/product marketing guy, the opportunity to travel to foreign cities under the aegis of "giver of speeches" is, frankly, a little surreal. I gave the speech I'll be presenting in London, Munich and Paris earlier this week in Boston to general acclaim - which is no guarantee that the discerning audiences of The Old World will give it the same reception.

Right now, I'm cozied up at O'Hare at gate C10 tip-typing away as Ben Roth-Liss-Burger runs his two minute drill on the overhead TV. 've been here for well on an hour already - because I'm one of those schlubs who insists on getting to the airport early. "On time" is synonymous with "late" for me.

Even when I have a long overnight flight to look forward to. And you dear reader, know how much I love overnight flights.

So I leave you with the following requests. If you have an opinion on this, let me know your recommendations on the following:

1. "Best Curry in London"
2. "Best Pint in London"
3. "Best Irish Music Seisun in London"
4. "Best Bookstore in London"

I'll be asking for feedback on Barcelona and Paris later in the week (I'm only in Munich for a day. . .not long enough to do much of anything, unfortunately).

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Ron said...

Hellfire man, we expect you to tell us what's good in those places...