Thursday, November 30, 2006

shift: trees / forest / ocean

Ernest C. Arbuckle once said "you should repot yourself every 10 years.” How many of us actually do this? Or do we define ourselves by the habits we establish, the company we keep, the work we do, by the rhythms and patterns of our thoughts?

I'm looking forward to a change. Not just swapping one barnyard for another - a real change. A new objective with more meaning. I'm tired of pushing software out the door month after month, quarter after quarter. I've seen the forest for the trees, and I'm ready for the open sea.

1 comment:

Ron said...

So whatcha got in mind? Gay? Finally decide to run off with the circus? Maybe a commando life; off to Afghanistan!! How's about certified accountancy? Pirate? Running a bumper car place? Professional mini golfer?

I have an idea for an automat/lounge/bowling alley with some of those cigarette machines that dispense art and plays Esquivel all day; you could go all hipster and run that!

so many choices!