Saturday, August 12, 2006

travel: ice=solid=TSA approved?

By now you know you need to stow your various and sundry lotions, unguents, salves, perfumes, balms, unctions, emollients and creams in your checked luggage. The same with your chapsticks, lipsticks and other assorted curative sticks.

You are, as our government requires, utterly-liquid free as you seek permission to enter the airport and subsequently board your flight.

But in a feat of genius, you've brought a bag of ice. Perhaps a large bag. Definitely a well-insulated bag free of any liquid-phase H2O.

When challenged by the thick-wristed TSA agent, you may produce this and smile sweetly. For you, brave soul, are in possession of a solid. Not a liquid. Solids are OK, right?

Unless. . .you've wrapped your ice in a prayer rug and you need to brush your keffiyeh out of your eyes to see the thick-wristed TSA agent in the first place. In that case, give him your ice. You have enough troubles. Gosh knows I wish you didn't.

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Ron said...

Little do the Evil Bad Men realize that what they are eventually causing to happen is Nude Flying! No concealment allowed, period! If our culture needs to adapt this way, God Wills It!

"Turn your head and cough, sir, and thank you for flying Northwest."