Tuesday, August 15, 2006

oxymoron: an abundance of sensitivity

I'm not going to climb up on any high horse regarding the RIAA's recent decision (reported here) to "temporarily suspend the productive settlement discussions we were having with the family" of a recently-deceased man.

What I am going to stand up in the saddle and crow about is their use of the following phrase:

"an abundance of sensitivity"

This is, my friends, perhaps the most spectacularly ironic oxymoron to find its way into the lexicon of modern culture in a very, very long while.

As a public service, I will offer a few other doozies examples for your consideration and potential use:

"a surfeit of poverty"

"a crapload of humility"

"a smattering of standardization"

Try to create your own! Then try to sneak them into a press release or other public document and watch the fireworks!

1 comment:

Ron said...

A Leibersrauum of perspicasity!

A Jerobeam of bonhomie!

A Wang-dang-doodle of Schadenfreude!

A D-cup of effervescense!

Forgive all spelling: I'm riffin'!

Word Verif: "zuckr" Clearly, I'm fated to reshoot "Airplane"