Saturday, July 08, 2006

poll: the mount rushmore of pie

It's summer. I've been away "on holiday" now for a week, and I can strongly recommend the experience to all PMs, especially the Cranky PM (thanks for the link).

This evening, we grilled divers proteins (chicken and shrimp) which we served with noodles (with butter for the kids and pesto for the grups) and assorted blanched veggies. Then came the surprise.


Peach pie, to be specific.

Now I won't turn down peach pie. If you've gotten a good long look at me lately, you might add that I don't turn down many meals. But I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to pie.

We went around the table and named our "Mount Rushmore of Pie" - our individual "top 4" pie selections.

Here's mine:

1. Blackberry - The God-Emperor of Pie. Nothing is more perfect than Blackberry Pie.

2. Coconut Custard - A seasonal favorite, this beauty tastes of the coming of the Christ Child and Santa, in that order.

3. Lemon Mirangue - This beauty has two lives: the first at the table, the second enshrined in the fridge with a fork stuck in it.

4. Mincemeat - Rarely seen, and often done poorly, the exceptional mince pie is a thing of beauty. Suet optional.

Since all PMs love pie, I'm curious which ones you'd enshrine on your Mt. Rushmore of Pie.

And for G-d's sake, take a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Some day I will have to introduce you to my wife's pumpkin chiffon pie - it is to die for. Actually, I married her for it. Forget anything you know about pumpkin pie - this is an entirely different experience.

We also bring cherries home from Door County every summer after our week on the lake and she makes an incredible cherry pie.

But I do have fond memories of blackberry pie from wild blackberries harvested from the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains when I was a boy. We used to come home with buckets full of them and a chigger or two to boot. The itching was worth the pie that resulted.

I cultivate thornless blackberries now - much bigger than the wild ones we used to pick (bigger than my thumb I kid you not) but not quite as a sweet. They make incredible jam, I've never been able to keep enough fresh ones in the house to make a pie though. I'll have to try it out with this year's harvest.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the "shout out," as those crazy kids on TRL say.

Alas, the Cranky Product Manager is permanently shackled to her desk, trying to get a massive product release out the door within the next 2 months. No vacations allowed.