Sunday, June 18, 2006

tenses: in anticipation of travel

Mid-week day trips are a sure-fire way to tempt fate. And fate is more than willing to deliver.

Coming up this week - get from Chicago to Boston and back in fewer than 24 hours. Sounds simple. Will probably leave me reaching for the nearest nail-festooned 2x4.

What are your least-favorite "hops"? What airports consistently deliver a full-portion of woe? Where do you swear - swear - you'll never go again without a fight, only to find yourself (SET PACINO VOICE=ON) pulled back in?


DJ said...

Avoid Denver in the fall and winter, the weather will eventually leave you stranded. The same with Chicago, the winter weather is lethal. And american/US airlines no longer care whether you have a place to sleep, even with a business class ticket. I also avoid late night connections into Dallas (say JFK-DFW-AUS) as the inbound flights are late and being on the last flight out is a risky proposition. In Europe, my entire team avoids CDG/Paris. Stockholm, Helsinki and Munich are very nice to fly through. American Airlines connections out of Zurich or Frankfurt have excessive security, so a short connection is to be avoid.

Mike said...

I used to fly to NY from Pittsburgh a few times a month and I never - seriously, NOT ONCE - made it out of LaGuardia on time. Every flight was delayed from 15 minutes to several hours. The worst were the situations where we boarded on time, then sat for two hours before getting in line for takeoff. And we were inevitably "20th in line for takeoff."