Wednesday, May 03, 2006

oops: msn gets the moussaoui verdict wrong

In a blunder of near-Dewey Beats Truman proportions, the journalistas at MSN got one of the biggest stories of the day - the Moussaoui verdict - dead wrong on their home page today.

When the story first broke, here's what you saw on the cover page at MSN:

Hmm. Not. . .quite. Later on, the folks running page one actually read the story, and voila, replaced this graphic with the following:

Now I'm normally a forgiving guy. But I was living in the NY area on 9/11, and I still carry the NYT obituary for a friend who died that day. If I'm angry about this blunder, I can only imagine how those whose lost a family member feel about MSN's sloppiness, no matter what they feel about the ultimate verdict.

Do better.

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