Sunday, April 30, 2006

tchotchkes: best ever

Francois over at Emergence Marketing wrote Friday about the dumbest trade show tchotcke (sic) ever. Sorry Francois, that's not the worst ever.

Tchotchkes (also tsatskes) are the knickknacks, geegaws, trinkets and baubles that we give away at tradeshows and other events to the smiling masses, thus one of their names - "swag" - for "stuff we all get".

In the late 80s as a pharmaceutical rep I gave away such incredible swag as vinyl facsimiles of human brain stems (for Dilantin) and matched sets of steak knives (for Loestrin, G-d help me). I've handed out more t-shirts, pens, mugs (ceramic and metal), sticky notepads and notepad covers than I can count.

But the best tchotchke ever - bar none - that I've ever had the honor to have pass through my hands is one that we're giving away in May at a few special events. The unit that I've been "testing" for the last week has me convinced.

And no, we won't be giving them away through Valleyschwag.

What I like best about this is that we're using it as part of a campaign - it's a true advertising tool and not random crap to shovel into the garbage.

Like the worst tchotchke ever - grippy-style hand strengtheners with grips in the shape of huge pills - for a chlamydia drug. Ouch.

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