Friday, April 14, 2006

art: high dynamic range photography

I test art on my wife by splashing it up as the wallpaper on our home computer. If her reaction to the image above is any indication, this is something very special.

Yes, I know this particular site is making the rounds through the blogosphere today - so sue me for climbing on the bandwagon. Not since Olivio Barbieri's tilt-shift lens technique stunned me have I found myself staring at a series of pictures with such fascination.

I'm going to go find a photo lab who can print this shot up for me. It's simply beautiful, revealing itself more with every viewing. Well done.

(Speaking of Olivio Barbieri, the artist responsible for the shot above also did some tilt-shift lens shots that can be enjoyed here. This is other-side-of-the-looking-glass stuff, kids, that you need to see to believe.)

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