Monday, March 13, 2006

surreal: matisyahu on sale at target

I found myself, as I ofttimes do, shopping at Target the other day when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a well-appointed endcap featuring stacks of brand new CDs by Hasidic Reggae artiste Matisyahu. I could only think of one thing - it's Purimpalooza time, kids!

I discovered Matisyahu a few years ago via the Internet Archive, when I listened to his December 25, 2004 concert recording with a-maze-ment. Go ahead, go listen to it. It's free, and you'll feel better for it. I'll wait.

His story is amazing too - he's a 27-year old kid from Pennsylvania who discovered Lubavitch Hasidic Judiasm and (somewhat like the people who put peanut butter and chocolate together) realized that nothing went quite so well with Lubavitch Hasidic Judiasm as reggae. I could have told him that.

So to discover one of the soulless purveyors of community retail destruction stocking him - nay, promoting him - right near the front door, was an eye-opener. In a positive way.

If Matisyahu can find a place at Target, there is hope yet. But only if it is not on the shelves at WalMart or KMart.


Camie Vog said...

Wow! Someone has mentioned Matisyahu on their blog. I love this cat. He is turning into an MTV darling. Soon, Ashley Simpson and Lindsey Lohan will be knocked from their unrightful position on the eh, pedestal.

word verification: qizgay
hmm, is that in reference to the KidRock/Creed sex tape which features "figging"? I'll never look at a piece of ginger the same way again...

SN said...

Yeah I've been turned on to Matisyahu since WXPN (in my old hometown, check out webcast & quality podcasts from started ranting and raving about him. What a great Meatspace Mashup he demonstrates. =)