Wednesday, March 29, 2006

relief: in praise of a good day (with guest vo)

It's been a while since I've had an end-to-end good day. I had one today. Started on an up note, ended on an even better up note. In between, while everything wasn't up, there were enough up moments to fill a normal week.

Then. . .it. . .just kept going.

(Doesn't that sound like William Shatner? I wonder what the rest of this post would sound like with him doing the VO. . .hmm.)

The kids weren't hollering when I got home. Julie. . .darling Julie. . had been to the Shedd Aquarium with them during the day, and on her way home she stopped at Fox and Obel where she. . .bought me some. . stinky cheese.

Then the kids wandered off after dinner and we. . ..sat and. . .

. Just. . . talked.


The stress lately has been so,. . . palpable, so truly. . . tangible. . . with the constant itch of unknown deadlines and. . .impending doom. . .whirring in my mind like a swarm of angry bees, that I had forgotten. . . forgotten what it felt like to have a good day.

They won't all be good. But I'll. . .take one day. . .one day.

And I'll go from there.

(Denny Crane)

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