Tuesday, March 07, 2006

gear: the nixon dictator watch

I've never worn a watch on a regular basis. Perhaps this has something to do with all those years I've played piano, or maybe I'm just nuts. Or maybe it can be blamed on never finding the right watch - it takes me a while to settle on the "right" anything, as I've discussed.

But when I laid my eyes on this odd beauty, I was smitten. It's not just the aesthetics. It's the sounds. Now, once a day, I can enjoy the top of the hour to the dulcet sounds of Greg the Bunny hollering "Skatchamagowza", or Yoda declaring "There is no try". Or maybe just some church bells. Or the Howard Dean yell. Or, better yet, the Wilhelm scream.

I especially like that it isn't water-safe. Because I need all the reminders I can get that I shouldn't be going down to 10 fathoms.


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