Thursday, February 09, 2006

hubris: "pleo is alive"

Ugobe CEO Bob "Von Fronkensteen" Christopher, 21st century golem artiste extraordinare, popped off at Demo '06 in a Cnet video interview yesterday that Pleo, his company's foam-rubber coated, AI-packing, finger-biting diminutive dino, "is alive".

I'm not too happy about this. Toys are toys. What do you tell your kid when he accidentally throws his Pleo out the window of your fast-moving vehicle? "You killed Pleo?" Or when Spike next door straps some explosives on Pleo? "Pleo is a martyr?" Or what about when you fail to keep Pleo charged up? "Pleo is in a coma?"

Sony is still living down the rep they've picked up from purposefully making Aibo and QRIO extinct. And how many Furbee's are blinking in landfills right now, trapped and afraid?

Stop the madness. Leave the creation of life to Korean scientists already. They're good at it.

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Camie Vog said...

My brother in-law works at a landfill. I'll have him keep an eye out for those poor, sweet, Furbee's. I may need help marketing the Furbee rescue organization.