Wednesday, January 25, 2006

tools: the humble 3x5 card

I've gone entirely analog for project management. Flat, white, 3x5 card analog.

Everyone has a favorite way of structuring their time and keeping track of projects. I'm not talking about taking notes - even though I do my best note-taking on paper too, FWIW.

No, I'm talking about the grind of keeping track of all the stuff you have to do. Little projects, big projects, whatever.

And in the process I've discovered that there are an awful lot of folks out there in my (our) line of work who have left the PDA and the Crackberry at home and embraced the 3x5 card.

I mean, hey, if this wasn't a valid way of keeping yourself in order, why would this exist? Or this? Accessories validate lifestyles, right?

And I knew I was on to something when I discovered the very-hip sounding Hipster PDA over at 43Folders. And I felt even more uplifted when I discovered the zen-like calm of the Getting Things Done cult^H^H^H^Hcommunity. No offense. But they are rather passionate.

For me, I just like using the wee little cards like storyboards; armed with a wad of blu-tak, I organize my week into stacks, then lay out the cards on a blank wall to see how everything sorts out. And there is nothing so satisfying as tearing one of them up when the task is done.

When it comes to schlepping the darned things around, I'm a bit less satisfied. Big alligator clips aren't my style, and I don't want to shell out USD$48 (plus shipping) for one of these.

My ideal case would be. . .well. . .if you have an interest in doing some lightweight prototyping, drop me a line.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya, BobC!

Take a look at PocketMod ....

sufficiently 'retro' and quite useful.....