Thursday, January 19, 2006

grind: kickoffs, meetings and airports

This is the part of the job they don't tell you about. The part that involves staying up late, finding your way around strange hotel rooms looking for the thermostats and cursing tissue-sized bath towels.

It's the part that keeps your eyes open when your mind is shutting down; of wiring-up before speaking to a room-full of strangers, of abject fear that the AV guys didn't get your deck loaded up right.

Then there's the waiting part. Airports aren't the worst of it. Waiting for your speaking slot, for the next meeting, for the next "team building event".

There's the getting your wireless link to work, your phone to connect, your too-full mailbox to admit one more message.

Anyone who tells you product marketing isn't a full-contact sport is lying to you.

I'll be back and posting uplifting stuff next week.

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